Fitness for People Who Hate Exercise

There are only a few reasons fitness programs can ever really suck:

1) You don’t enjoy them.
2) They’re too complicated/time consuming
3) They’re not effective

This Workout Doesn’t Suck® provides solutions to all of these problems.

Through our unique workshops, corporate and personal coaching programs (online and in-person options), we’ll help you make fitness and fat loss fun, easy to understand, time-efficient and most importantly, EFFECTIVE!

We realize that not everybody lives for the gym – or has the ways and means to even if they wanted to – This Workout was developed – and continues to evolve – as a means to help people who HATE (or even mildly dislike) exercise finally break the inertia of inactivity and/or less-than-stellar eating habits to shift your momentum in the direction of improved health and sustainable fitness.

While the achievement of significant fitness goals can be impressive, especially when you see the “before-and-after” pictures made popular by late-night infomercials, improved fitness really comes down to just a few simple habits done consistently. Instead of setting you up for failure with impossible workouts, overpriced (and ineffective) supplements or the expectation of a complete and instant nutritional makeover, This Workout goes against the grain by setting the bar low enough that anyone can clear it.

Baby steps.

One habit at a time.

Mastery of the basics.

Realistic expectations.

By following a path of mini-successes using an approach that is sustainable for LIFE, before you know it, fitness just happens – fat loss becomes a very pleasant side-effect. Results may never be ‘typical’, but movement in the direction of PROGRESS can (and should) always be expected.

This Workout Doesn't Suck

If you really do HATE exercise, you may be surprised to learn that THIS WORKOUT isn’t even about “the workout”. Yes, there is a movement-based component, but the exercise goal of THIS WORKOUT is simple: To help you (re)establish the habit of regular physical activity.

Do you hate the idea of going to a gym? You don’t have to go.

Can’t swim very well? Stay out of the water.

Jogging hurts your knees? Please don’t make it worse by running laps around your neighborhood!

We’ll work with you to uncover activities that you enjoy – or can at least tolerate – and then we’ll help you incorporate those activities into an effective, progressive fitness plan.

The other piece of the fitness puzzle, of course, is the practice of goal-supportive nutrition habits. Through our partnership with Toronto-based Precision Nutrition, we deliver daily lessons, practice habits, and implement dietary strategies that fit YOUR needs. Taking the same baby-step approach as we do for exercise, we start with your current “nutritional toolbox” (the years of habits, experiences and skills that you’ve accumulated to this point) and help you create and refine an eating system that is SUSTAINABLE. This is not another ‘fad diet’ or weekend ‘detox’ that can only provide temporary “results” at best. We’ll never require you to purchase any ‘magical’ supplements or pre-packaged frozen meals. And no “impossible” diet plans. Our coaching-approach to all-things-fitness is based on what you can and WILL do… because success – no matter how small – begets success.

Ultimately, all it takes to get the health, appearance and/or performance improvements one may want is a proven plan, sustained effort and the ability to troubleshoot effectively when things don’t go as expected (although reasonably ‘simple’, this isn’t necessarily ‘easy’.)

Fitness is NOT one-size-fits all. And what worked in the past may not be effective today.

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