Customized Coaching

If you have successfully graduated from our 12 month “This Workout Doesn’t Suck” program or have very explicit outcome-based goals* with a specific timeline, we also offer the very best in personalized program design and support. Please understand, this service isn’t for everyone and availability is limited.

Depending on your goals, timelines, experience, etc., you’ll likely need greater access to resources including commitment level, equipment, food prep and storage skills and budget than those who are looking for more modest improvements for a lifetime.

For scheduling and pricing info, call us at (616) 827-7479. If you don’t catch us right away, please leave a voice message and we’ll get back to you quickly.

* examples include improvements in sports performance from marathons to powerlifting, fitness/figure/bikini/bodybuilding competition prep, weddings, class reunions, professional photo shoots, movie/theatre roles or other “red carpet events of life” which require a higher level of customization in both nutrition and training program design.


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