The Program

First, a quick description of what TWDS Coaching IS:
Systematic. Progressive. Strategic. Fun. Adaptable. Portable (through the “magic” of the interwebz, the TWDS coaching process goes anywhere you have access to email, Skype or Google Hangouts). Cost-effective.

With this in mind, let’s also briefly discuss what TWDS Coaching is NOT:
A “quick fix”. For people who already “know it all”. A gimmicky infomercial product or MLM “opportunity.” A program you’re left to figure out on your own. Random workouts. Context-free “fitness tips”. Well-intended, but virtually ineffective motivational slogans and internet memes. (“Hang in there, baby!”)

Look, there are already countless books, videos, fitness classes, websites and magazine articles touting the LAST WORKOUT YOU’LL EVER NEED – you may have even tried ALL of them! Although the marketing of these options are quick to point out their ‘success stories’, the truth is that sometimes they work, yet all-too-frequently, they don’t.

(Ever heard the saying about a roomful of monkeys with typewriters? Even they can get lucky and crank out something you’d want to read given enough time.)

So why do programs fail?

Could it be there there’s something wrong with YOU? Is it your lack of “self control” or “inability to commit” that should be blamed? Maybe your current body and physical abilities are something you’re destined to be stuck with because it’s “in your genes”?

I doubt it.

This may surprise you, but despite the name, THIS WORKOUT isn’t really about “the workout” – it’s about the PROCESS OF CHANGE. Discovering what works best for YOU. We’ll help you move beyond the years of frustration, contradictory information and less-than-stellar results and “rebooting your system” with an emphasis on MASTERING THE ESSENTIALS. Simple nutritional habits. Do-able training plans. Realistic expectations. Personalized, FAIL-PROOF tasks so you can build on your SUCCESSES!

The TWDS-ESSENTIALS Coaching program includes

  • STRATEGY SESSIONS with your TWDS Coach every two weeks (in person (Greater Grand Rapids, MI), phone, skype, hangouts… whatever works for YOU!)
  • DAILY habit-based lessons delivered via email.
  • Private Facebook group so you can interact with/learn from other participants and share your own challenges and successes.
  • A new training plan every 4 weeks.
  • All this for a FULL YEAR!

You’ll work with your TWDS coach to personalize your journey every step of the way.

Imagine a whole new you 12 months from now! How much physical and personal change can you create with a year of focused effort and accountability?


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