The Guarantee

THIS WORKOUT is NOT a quick fix. In fact, it’s a year-long PROCESS of learning and PRACTICING the kind of nutrition, exercise and recovery/stress management habits that allow successful people to have a body that looks and performs the way it should.

A FULL YEAR? Yeah. You know that saying about Rome not being built in a day, right? Whether you’re looking to drop 10lbs or many multiples of 10, it’s the practice of daily habits and the style of coaching we provide that makes results “stick”. Some people see results right away. Others take a bit longer to “reboot their operating system”.

So here’s the guarantee: We bill in 12 monthly installments. Give our approach a try. If anytime in the first TWO MONTHS, you decide THIS WORKOUT isn’t for you FOR ANY REASON AT ALL, we’ll refund EVERY PENNY.

That’s EIGHT WEEKS for you to decide if we’re a good match for you. Achieve all your wildest fitness goals in less than a year? Or maybe 5 months in, you decide the whole “eat right and exercise thing” just isn’t your thing. No sweat! (fitness-themed pun, but I’m sure you caught that) 😉

We’re so confident in our client-centered approach to all-things-leaner-and-meaner, you can cancel at ANY time – for ANY REASON- without early-termination fees/penalties.

So CLICK HERE to give THIS WORKOUT a zero-risk try for the next eight weeks… I’m sure you’ll be glad you did!

-Coach Joe-